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Meet Our Staff

Our personal training, group exercise and strength and conditioning programs are managed by Fit4All NY.


All of our personal trainers have at least one accreditation, such as NASM or NFPT. They are also are required to take extra courses handpicked by the CEO of The Arena Fitness, Charles DeFrancesco, who  also owns an education company, called Fit and Functional. The fitness industry does not have any guidelines or standards to uphold, and our extra education makes us stand out in the industry. Our personal trainers have access to the most current research in exercise science, and they compete on-site training and education courses to ensure that our clients safely and successfully reach their goal. 

We train athletes, stay-at-home moms, working parents, older adults and all special populations. All of our trainers have received secondary certifications and training to work with special populations.


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