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Frankie LaRusso

Certified Personal Trainer


Frankie graduated from Iona University with a degree in psychology and shortly after earned his NASM certification because he wanted to continue his passion, sports. After having gained weight in college, he weighed 250 pounds at one point and realized changes needed to be made. He changed his diet, started an exercise routine and stuck to it. He now helps others try to do the same.


Shortly after starting at The Arena, the owner, Charlie, whose son has autism, asked if he’d be interested in working with children with special needs. He had no experience in the field, but agreed to try it out. He quickly realized that the work was so rewarding that a lot of the time it didn’t even feel like he was working. Since then, he has worked with countless children and adults and is more than happy to work with anyone, no matter what needs they need met!


Having been here since the inception of Fit 4 All NY, Frankie knows all the names and faces and is happy to haven got to know everybody in this family!




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Frankie LaRusso
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David Gershkovich, PT

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