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Frankie LaRusso

Frankie is a certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He graduated from Iona College with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, but he decided to pursue a career in fitness. Growing up playing sports year-round, Frankie was always been passionate about working out, but he had never learned the science behind properly exercising.

After graduating from college, Frankie became overweight, and at one point he weighed 250 pounds. This was the impetus that led him to learn more about exercise science. In order to return to a healthy weight and BMI, he used this opportunity to educate himself on proper form and function during his weight loss quest. Being injured often throughout high school and college, he knew that if he were going to reach his goals, he would have to avoid injury. After about a year, he returned to 160 pounds, which was his ideal weight. But, more importantly, he was healthier, happier, and more informed.


Frankie then realized that if he could do it, then he could help others achieve their goals as well. As a result, he started his journey to become a certified trainer. Using the skills he learned and practiced, he now educates others on what they can do to become healthier and happier people.

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