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Kevin Chen

Kevin is a Certified Personal Trainer through NFPT. He attended the University of Hartford and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. He is currently working with NFPT as a Subject Matter Expert, writing and itemizing questions for the NFPT Certified Personal Trainer Exam. He has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels. His main focus is to help others increase their neuromuscular function through methods including: rehabilitative exercises to correct physical dysfunction, functional movement training in programs to increase mobility, flexibility, athletic performance and daily function. He specializes in Olympic lifting, functional movement, athletic performance and injury prevention. He is very invested in Olympic lifting and is very passionate about the sport. He is always training to improve his Olympic lifts as well as researching different techniques used by different Olympic coaches and athletes. Moving forward, he is looking to continue his education by pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.



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