Marco Franciamore

Staff Trainer, CPT

Certifications: ACE, NASM, NFPT, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, Certified Medical Massage Therapist

Marco first developed a passion for fitness and weightlifting when he was 12 years old. As an overweight child, he used bodybuilding magazines as a source of inspiration to become fitter and lose the extra weight. Several years later, when he was 30, Marco decided to turn his passion into a career to help others reach their fitness, wellness and body transformation goals. Since 2007, Marco has been a certified personal trainer, and he has acquired the education and knowledge through (ACE, NASM, NFPT, USAW) to be considered an expert in his field.


Marco began his career at one of the big box gyms, but he soon realized that wasn’t the place for him long term. He started working for a gym owner who also owned a fitness education company. There he learned, honed his skills, and flourished as a trainer. He continued learning by working for a Doctor (DC, L.Ac, CCSP) helping post injury and post-surgery patients regain -strength, flexibility, mobility.

He then started his own fitness/wellness, personal training and consulting business, known as ELEVATE PERSONAL TRAINING + MMA, incorporating his years of knowledge and experience with his passion for training and martial arts. Marco continues to maintain relationships -both business and personal- with the men who helped him when he first began his career. Always seeking better ways to help his clients, Marco continues to learn and evolve as a trainer and person.