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Scott Sessions

Mike Reid is a NFPT Certified Personal Trainer. Prior to his certification, he attended the University at Suny Albany where he majored in Communications and minored in Political Science and Business. He is also a certified paralegal and currently works full time for Black, Marjieh, Leff, & Sanford, LLP.

Growing up, Mike attended Eastchester schools where he played volleyball, baseball, and basketball for the Eagles. He also played for the Town of Eastchester, Eastchester Little League, Eastchester Baseball League, and was on various travel teams. Currently, he is an active softball and hockey player.


Mike says, “I’m always reading articles and trying to familiarize myself with nutrition and exercises. In doing so, I have gained a better quality of life. With these findings I felt a desire to share my knowledge with others, which led me to becoming a personal trainer. Not only do I get the opportunity to spread the wealth of health but, more importantly, I’m doing two things that I love: enhancing my knowledge about physical health and helping people to better their lives. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than lending a helping hand.”

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