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Another Reason to Eat Dinner Together!

In today’s society, many families struggle with how to serve healthy meals to their kids, and more importantly, how to get their kids to actually eat them. Part of the problem is that the US culture is always in a rush, and we don’t take as much time as people in other countries to enjoy our food and to enjoy the dining experience. A new study published in Journal of Pediatric Psychology found that preschoolers made healthier food choices when eating in a happy, pleasant environment. Children tend to have better meal experiences when the interaction with their parents is positive and the atmosphere is supportive and warm. This is further strengthened when meals are routinized and children are aware of the expectations and can express themselves. So instead of grabbing something on the go or rushing through dinner, try to eat with your kids in a calm, positive setting. It will benefit your children both physically and emotionally.

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