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Banned Stimulant Found in Dietary Supplements

Unfortunately for the consumer, the supplement industry is unregulated, and very often the contents of the supplements do not contain what is on the label or the supplement contain harmful added ingredients. Researchers recently discovered that oxilofrine (also called methylsynephrine), a stimulant that has been banned from sports, was found in 14 different dietary supplements designed to burn body fat. Oxiolfrane is used as a prescription medication in some countries to lower blood pressure since it raises blood pressure and heart rate. This could be very dangerous if taken unknowingly, and Americans should be careful about what types and brands of supplements they purchase. Case in point, 23,000 Americans go to the ER every year because of side effects from weight loss or energy supplements. Don’t assume that because a supplement is on the shelf at a health food store, it is good quality. Do your research; you only live once!

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