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Forget Fitbit

As people want to keep track of their heart rate and calories, Fitbit has become a household name and a new trend. However, a new study at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona found that Fit bit was inaccurate; the study found that Fitbit miscalculated heart beats by up to 20 beats per minute during moderate to high intensity training. A second study by Ball State University also found that Fitbit was inaccurate with an average error of 14%. This could be potentially dangerous for those with heart disease who are trying not to exceed a certain level and it may be detrimental to athletes who use HR monitoring for training purposes.

A new heart rate monitor, Nuvitapro, utilizes your smart phone and has shown to be more accurate. It can also be used for virtual personal training and in fitness competitions. Go to www.nuvitapro.com. To purchase a monitor, with virtual personal training, click here

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