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Some Foods Cause Weight Gain More Than Others

In America, 31% of children are overweight or obese due to the types of foods that they are consuming. A new study published in Health Affairs showed that certain foods might be contributing to the obesity trend more disproportionately than others. For example, potato chips are a highly caloric snack that do not promote satiety, and the study found that those who ate potato chips on a regular basis tended to gain the most weight. Other foods that contributed to more weight gain were french fries, fried chicken and fish, processed meats, fatty spreads, refined grains, and foods with added sugar. Basically, kids who ate fatty, sugary, and fried foods, and those that ate a lot of processed foods tended to gain weight at a higher rate. The take home message is to limit these types of foods and provide fresh fruits, vegetables and meats as possible.

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