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Westchester Knicks Shooting Clinic with Allan Houston

Allan Houston during the Westchester Knicks Shooting Clinic

Pure Fit Club was happy to partner with Allan Houston and the Westchester Knicks to bring ASI Testing to students of Mr. Houston’s shooting clinic at the Carver Center in Port Chester, NY. Allan Houston is passionate about child development, basketball, life, and wellness. This event brought all of those elements together in an environment that was both fun and educational.

Young athletes ran through a series of basketball drills that included jump shots, lay ups, cone navigation, and turn and shoots. The children were able to experience many of the elements that would be present in a professional basketball game, and where able to execute transitions and shots that would be expected of them by high school and college

teams. Mr. Houston gave invaluable instruction to all in attendance; making corrections to arm extension, hip placement, and shoulder alignment, all of the nuances that could make a good basketball player a great basketball player. The joy on his face could not be overlooked.

Aside from athletic testing, friendly competition, and shooting mechanics which were demonstrated by Mr. Houston himself, he also added a wonderful piece highlighting the importance of moral character, good sportsmanship, and the importance of hard work and dedication.

One athlete of note from the day’s event was Jalen Mention, who received

special recognition as well as a signed jersey from Allan Houston. While Jalen’s overall scores were not the highest in every category, the combination of his shooting ability, willingness to accept direction, and good sportsmanship won him the honor of the day. The point that was strongly emphasized and taken home by all in attendance was that activity on the court is only a small part of ones life, and that development as a positive member of the community was equally important as three pointers, lay ups and free throws.

Below are a couple of videos from the day’s activities

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