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Virtual Training


The gym experience as we know it has been transformed by COVID 19 for the foreseeable future, and perhaps forever. Yet, we are certain that maintaining a healthy body maximizes our chances of fighting a host of illnesses. Furthermore, a regular fitness routine has a vital impact on our stress management during these trying times. With so many benefits both physically and mentally the worst thing people can do is stop exercising. The Arena Fitness in White Plains has provided top-level functional personal training for almost 15 years. We are excited to offer the same top-level training in the comfort of your own home. We will assess your fitness goals, determine your specific needs and design a Personal Fitness program customized for you! The virtual sessions in your home will enable you to control your workout environment while allowing you to stay fit and challenged. There is no need for expensive equipment, all you need is a small space with a few inexpensive bands, foam roller and a gym ball. Our training sessions will be tailored to each client. Each session will begin with a warm-up to actively stretch your joints and activate your muscles, followed by a focus on full body workouts designed to build strength, balance and cardiovascular endurance. Depending on your needs and goals, circuits of cardio, resistance or strength training with dumbbells and bands, balance training work and speed and agility drills can be incorporated into each training session. Most importantly, you will have a trainer observing you and ensuring that you are working out safely and correctly. This opportunity will also provide you with encouragement and guidance, while enabling you to progress or modify your workout based on your needs.


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