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Carmine Lamanna

NASM, B.B.A in Marketing Management

CEO, Fit4All NY


Carmine went to Pace University and has a B.B.A. in Marketing Management. His path led him to a successful career in the retail industry including Store Manager, Buyer, and District Manager with various retailers over the years.


In 2013, after being diagnosed with thyroid disease, Carmine began a journey to improve health and fitness. He began a strict diet and fitness routine which sparked interest in training part time. Carmine then pursued a certification with NASM and a 1000 hour internship in 2018 at the Arena from Charles DeFrancesco. Carmine worked with some special needs clients during his internship and felt that he could make a difference. His heart was set on training special needs children and adults so he left his career.  Carmine is the CEO and managing partner for The Arena and Fit4All NY program. 


Carmine thrives in this business, and has since added multiple certifications including Special Strong and Fit/functional to his ongoing education. He continues to grow Fit4All NY with the goal being to connect with as many Kids and adults as possible. Carmines philosophy is to help as many clients as possible. In his own words "The sky is the limit"...

Special needs fitness training
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