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Our mission is to educate not only our clients, but anyone who is interested in learning more. Our partner Fit and Functional allows us access to their education material. This material includes actual education courses that trainers use to fulfill their education requirements, books and articles on a variety of topics for free to the public. We believe by providing free education to the public we can help people avoid injuring themselves doing the latest trend based on vanity rather than science.In the event you would like to repurpose or present any of the material owned by Fit and Functional please contact us for permission.


Working as a team with the families in our community has allowed us to create incredible relationships with charities, local programs, and medical providers. These partnerships give us the ability to help support our families through their journey. We understand how difficult it is to find adaptive activities and programs that are run by qualified people who actually care. Our partners are hand picked by ownership based on feedback from the community, our network and most importantly our founder’s personal experience with them.


National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability 

Supports the implementation of the Guidelines for Disability Inclusion to assist in the updating of community health programs and policies to be inclusive of
the needs of people with disabilities.  

Ernie Els School for Autism Free Education and Webinars

The Boost Community Support Blog


Dr. Stephen Cowan

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