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Personal Training by Fit4 All NY


Get Lean and Fit

We believe personal trainers should be professionals and not just some person who passed a test. Did you know that there is no law that requires personal trainers to be certified? Did you know that many of the mainstream gyms allow trainers to work with no credentials or expired certifications?

Our personal trainers are required to have an accredited certification and complete our in house nationally recognized education program. We do this so that every client can achieve their goals safely using science as our guide. Our staff are qualified to work with everyone from a professional athlete to special populations.

Strengthen and tighten! This is accomplished through weight training, which is also known as resistance training or strength training. This type of exercise uses weights, resistance, and/or body weight to stress the muscles. It does not require a lot of equipment. This type of workout will help will increase lean muscle mass, strength, and increase metabolism. Additionally, it will strengthen your bones and joints.

Dieting and cardio exercise are not enough to give you the results that you want. This is because they do not have the same effect on muscles. With more muscle mass, you burn more calories overall due to an increased metabolism. 

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a type of interval training that incorporates a series of strength and/or cardio exercises with little or no rest between sets. It increases your heart rate while simultaneously strengthening your muscles using a combination of resistance training and high-intensity aerobics. This combination of weight training and cardiovascular work makes circuit training a valuable way to exercise.

One “circuit” consists of a set of prescribed exercises performed in order with little rest between each exercise. The circuit is then repeated one to several times. Many different exercise stations can be incorporated into circuit training. Usually, stations alternate between muscle groups so little rest is needed. To increase cardiovascular endurance in circuit training, brief bouts of high intensity aerobic exercise, like jumping rope, can be incorporated. There are muscle gains through the resistance training along with increases in cardiovascular endurance as a slightly elevated heart rate is maintained throughout the entire program.

There are many advantages to circuit training. First, it is fun and brings change and excitement to routine workouts. There are endless exercises that you can add to each circuit to change it up and make it more interesting. This type of workout also burns more calories than just doing cardio alone, as you maintain an elevated heart rate throughout the whole exercise routine. Additionally, circuit training is a practical solution for those with time constraints as it allows you to combine cardio and muscular fitness together in one session. Further, you can set up as many stations and exercises as you want, to either shorten or lengthen your workout. Another benefit to circuit training is that it is portable and convenient. It can be done at home, outside, or in the gym with minimal equipment. You can use bodyweight to perform pushups, planks and lunges for strengthening and use stairs and jump ropes for cardio stations anywhere and at any time.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

A large majority of us walk around stiff, sore, and uncomfortable. There are many causes, which include poor posture, too much sitting, and exercising incorrectly. Incorrect form can cause joint injury, which can interfere with movement and cause pain. Sometimes we are so accustomed to feeling subpar that we don’t even realize that we aren’t being the best we can be!

A lot of this pain can be alleviated by rolling, stretching, strengthening, and targeting the proper muscle groups. Trainers at the ARENA understand the anatomy of the body and have the knowledge and skills to help you look and feel better. As your muscles are retrained to work properly, your workouts will be more efficient and you will be more likely to reach your health and fitness goals.

Each new client receives a complimentary fitness evaluation, during which our trainers look at your movement patterns and posture while assessing your current status and goals. Based on this assessment, we can form a plan to help you decrease pain and prevent further injury.

Strength and Conditioning

Many people confuse personal training with strength and conditioning. Personal trainers only work with the general population while strength and conditioning coaches receive extra education to work with athletes. Trainers who specialize in strength and conditioning need to receive an extra certification called a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). CSCS coaches work specifically with athletes on strength and endurance, and they possess knowledge on specific training techniques and injury prevention, which they utilize to optimize competitive advantage. They use science, experience and education to tailor an athlete’s workout to his/her individual sport and position and increase performance.

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