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Scott Sessions

Scott has had a passion for fitness and nutrition since 2014 when he was a sophomore in college at Farmingdale State. Scott was the #1 junior golfer in the metropolitan area during his senior year of high school in 2012. This stat propelled him to become an All-American at Farmingdale State his senior year in 2016. Throughout his college career, he self-educated himself on proper nutrition and learned how to implement healthy eating into his resistance training regime. His personal success is what drove him to help others achieve their own wellness goals. Scott is a Certified Personal Trainer through W.I.T.S., World International Training School, which he obtained in July 2017. In addition to personal training, Scott is a Certified Golf Fitness Specialist through Titleist Performance Institute where he can address a players physical limitations through swing instruction or strength and conditioning exercise. Recently Scott completed the ISSA Nutritional Specialist Certification.



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