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Strength & Conditioning


Many people confuse personal training with strength and conditioning. Personal trainers only work with the general population while strength and conditioning coaches receive extra education to work with athletes. Trainers who specialize in strength and conditioning need to receive an extra certification called a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). CSCS coaches work specifically with athletes on strength and endurance, and they possess knowledge on specific training techniques and injury prevention, which they utilize to optimize competitive advantage. They use science, experience and education to tailor an athlete’s workout to his/her individual sport and position and increase performance.

Sports Clinics

Our sports clinics are geared towards improving performance. Athletes must first develop a solid foundation before moving on to sport-specific training. Clinics focus on power, speed, agility, muscle activation, core stability, balance, flexibility, and movement mechanics related to all sports. All clinics are 70-minutes in length, and there is a 6:1 trainer to athlete ratio.

All athletes will perform a movement screening on the first session. Athletes will also be evaluated by ASI, where they will received an athletic base score, which they can use to monitor their progress.

Video analysis is also offered for an additional fee.

ASI Testing

THE ARENA has been selected by Athletic Standard, one of the largest and most recognized athletic testing companies, to proctor its athlete testing program to student athletes of all ages. Similar to the SAT, which assesses scholastic ability, this test will assess an athlete’s overall athletic ability by means of three distinct athletic based measurements. Once a student athlete completes testing, they will receive an overall score and will be placed in a percentile for each individual test. The percentile classification allows the athlete to see where they rank amongst their peers nationally.
THE ARENA will then interpret the scores and percentiles for athletes to help them understand how they should be training to increase their score.

The Athletic Testing is based on three tests:

  • Vertical Jump Test

  • Lateral Agility Test

  • 10 Yard Dash Test


The vertical jump test will assess an athlete’s vertical power (the ability to generate force and propel themselves upward).

The lateral agility test will assess an athlete’s mobility and agility (the ability to change directions quickly and efficiently with a minimal loss of speed and power).

The 10 yard dash will assess an athlete’s speed (the ability to achieve maximum speed in the shortest time from a resting position).

ASI Scoring

A good Athletic Standard Index Score will vary by sport. A chart below has been provided to show a range of baseline scores for different sports at different levels of competition in college. Professional athletes attain ASI scores in excess of 1400, and super star athletes achieve scores exceeding 2000. A good high school athlete will score between a 600-800. Once a high school athlete begins to reach scores above an 800, the likelihood of being recruited to compete at the college level will rise.


Who Uses This Data?

With the increased focus on obtaining athletes with the greatest performance potential, and streamlining the recruitment process, colleges across the nation are using the quantifiable data obtained through ASI scores to help assess prospective athletes. Colleges such as Yale, Nebraska, Florida State, Michigan, Texas A&M and Ohio State are now mandating the ASI for their athletes. Within the next 5-10 years, this is expected to become the standard metric for all college recruiting.

We offer individual customized training programs for each athlete’s specific needs to assure they attain their maximum level of athletic ability. Additionally, THE ARENA offers group training clinics to enhance an athlete’s overall fitness level. THE ARENA wants to help young athlete to excel amongst their peers by out-hustling, out-playing, and out-performing their competition.


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