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Exercise Your Way Out of Boredom

Bored with your daily routine? Sick of the same, monotonous schedule? Switch it up & add some exercise into the mix! Exercise is beneficial for your mind and body. Incorporating just 30 minutes of exercise into your day can lift your energy and boost your mood. You can do anything from taking a quick walk around your work premises, some light exercises at the gym, a bike ride around the neighborhood, or even meditation & yoga. Maybe you always wanted to get into a certain sport – this would be the perfect opportunity! Find something you’re interested in or passionate about & it will help cure your boredom. Studies show that boredom also leads to weight gain. This is due to emotional eating, often triggered by boredom. We reach for unnecessary snacks, which pack on unwanted calories. Instead of reaching for that pack of cookies or bag of chips along with your remote control, stand up and exercise instead. Your mind…and body…will thank you. by Gina Stallone

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